We’re a team of compliance experts and NZ building consultants with black belts in the Building Code. With a mixture of experience gained in Councils, commercial businesses and out and about on sites, we’ve got in-depth knowledge of code compliance in New Zealand. With the country’s largest independent team of building code compliance experts, we’ve helped people right across the country navigate the compliance and consenting process.

Holmes Farsight – taking the compliance burden off your shoulders

Compliance is one of the most pressing concerns in any building or construction project – with huge potential to add cost in terms of time, money and stress. The NZ building consultant team at Holmes Farsight team enjoys taking that pressure off your shoulders, drawing on years of knowledge and experience on the code compliance front line.

Specialist knowledge from a friendly and responsive team

We focus exclusively on code compliance, so you can rely on us to know what we’re talking about. And, while people might not think the Building Code is the most interesting topic, we’re a team that brings positivity and personality to the process – you’ll enjoy working with trustworthy, personable people who keep it simple and speak in plain language.

Holmes Farsight simplified the Wellington City Council compliance process for Kiwi Income Property Trust on the Majestic Centre Seismic Strengthening Project and provided confidence to a challenging project. We would be pleased to recommend Holmes Farsight.

Greg TolleyDevelopment Manager, Kiwi Income Property Trust